Mar. 2nd, 2014

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[ One very confused young lady who looks like she might be a Roman soldier (actually, it's slightly wrong but still not) with bare feet and scars going across her chest and face and arms and legs, is very confused right now. She has been in big places before, like the Alexius family's houses, but she did spend most of her time in the Corps' barracks and the training grounds and the streets of Remano. She must have dropped the journal sometime during her wide-eyes dashing up and down the hall, and she does not know that her voice is being captured by it. ]

Woah! This is weird? Magic? Is it magic!? But the summit! Captain will be upset I don't want to upset captain! And I wanna hear what the Magi has to say, too! And it's Lord Tituses first big scene as Reim's Magi! What is this place? Wah!

[ She seems oddly excited, somehow, for someone who just found themselves in a place they have never been before. ]

And look at that!! Woah!!!

[ She caught sight of something overhead, and with light, bare feet, she jumps to the side, halfway up the wall, and uses it as a springboard to jump further.

Which results in her dangling from the crystal chandelier. With a very curious look on her face.

She caught sight of the journal when she dashed to the wall, and is turning it in one hand with curiosity where she dangles and pokes at crystals. ]

And what are you the~n, little boo~k?
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[The happy exclamation comes over the journals. Marie continues to chat as there are the sounds of a key being turned in a lock... followed by dead silence. There's a thud as the journal falls to the dirt road, then coffee spills across the bottom of the page.]


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To think all of five days fluttered away in what might felt like just a day for the residents. Only yesterday the enemy showed its face only to be defeated, and today, the sleeping residents wake to a brave new world.

The castle itself seems much the same if not for that renewed spark of beauty in everything. The glittering veneer has returned. Every sweeping staircase, every turn of the hallway and every glint of sunlight against the windows would take your breath away. Paradisa defines its very name today.

But the greatest change will be felt by those venturing out to the City Royale, now brought centuries back to be reminiscent of the Middle Ages. Even here the air smells of hope and rebirth and the townspeople speak of the recently defeated enemy like an ancient piece of history that they are rightfully proud of. The Steward, they say, is planning to erect a statue to commemorate it but he has been busy on city matters. Far too busy. It can wait.

Paradisa, after all, seems to care little for trivialities such as time.

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[ It has been so long since Lucrezia addressed the castle at large. For a time, she had been content with those closest to her, taking comfort in familiarity. But all that is unraveling fast and she is running out of places to go. Cassandra assured her that she would never be alone, and she believed her for a time, but look at her now. Death severs all vows.

Still, she is in no habit of airing her grievances, readily assuming that the news has spread and that acknowledging it would only mean admitting her weakness. She settles for a red herring: ]

You will find horses to be a most pleasant way to travel, if treated well. Carrots and apples will do you great favor.

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I just want to say ... don't go into the town. It'll just depress the fuck out of you, dudes.

[And this is Tucker, shaking his head sadly at the state of things. Because Paradisa has literally gotten medieval on all this shit. So now Tucker couldn't even go outside without being eyed funny and he thought he heard some weird murmurs about 'church', so since he didn't want to get burned at the stake, he got his happy ass back to the Castle. But Quick.]

Man, now we really are stuck in Castle Wonderfuck - I wonder if that crazy castle did this to the patrons first ... [And yep, that's Tucker for you. Looking on the bright side of things.]


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