Mar. 5th, 2014

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...Oh dear.

[Clow seems to be speaking to himself rather than the journal, though he clears his throat and addresses it specifically now]

I was going to ask for new employees for the pie shop anyway, but given that we seem to have moved several centuries back, technologically speaking, it seems like that may be a little more urgent now.

[a sigh]

And I'm going to have to redecorate again.
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Today I have been in this place for a year. There is still much I do not understand about its ways as well as the ways of the people who live here, including all of you. There are times where I think I am adjusting, where I think I am understanding, but then something happens and it is clear that I am not.

I am not sure if I will ever understand.

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[Elena is sitting on the roof today, appreciating the view and the quiet. She's come to understand that she isn't going back to the Barge or to Mystic Falls any time soon. Whether this was a port where she and Cassel were left behind or if this place simply took the two of them, she couldn't really say. It's a beautiful place, if nothing else.]

[Once she's had enough, she jumps off and lands softly without injuring herself. (Hooray vampirism.) She takes to walking the castle grounds instead, wandering without any particular direction or in any particular rush.]

[Eventually, she opens the journal as she walks. Might as well give it a try.]

So, the place I came from there were vampires, werewolves, humans, dragons, half-angels, and aliens. I'm probably leaving a few things off that list, honestly.

I guess I'm just curious about what the mix is like here. And if everyone usually gets along. I know sometimes when you get more than one species, things can get a little out of hand sometimes.

((ooc: Feel free to bother her in-person or through the journal. c: Also, if your character knew Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova from when she was here, totally free to be BWAH!?!?! at her face because doppelgängers if you choose to bump into her.))


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