Mar. 6th, 2014

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[First thing's first, the journal is picking up a lot of low murmuring-- about ten minutes' worth of it, in fact. It's not loud enough to be intelligible, but for those that know his voice, it's all coming from Pitch-- which means he's either having a lengthy conversation with himself, or he's talking to something that can't (or won't) talk back.

Soon after that, he comes over and starts talking into it on purpose. He's been here for nearly a week now, and he's decided it's high time for a proper introduction. He's also reveling in the fact that so many people will actually be able to hear him. So awesome.]

To those in the castle that I haven't yet met, I would like to sincerely thank you for the show you put on the night of my arrival five days ago, and for the nights of nightmares you've given me since. They were such thoughtful welcoming gifts, and I can already tell that we're going to get along wonderfully.

My name is Pitch Black. Many call me the Boogeyman. I would be happy to translate that into your preferred language, though we all seem to be speaking the same thing here. I haven't been able to crack many of the secrets of this place, and as far as I can tell, none of you have, either-- but no matter. I've been brought to a castle of believers, and for now, I'm not going to complain.

Don't keep your fears to yourself, now. Or rather, do, if you'd like. It won't matter to me-- either way, I'll be feeding on them.

[Journal closed.

He can also be found in the library of Pietas Tower: wandering around, looking through the shelves, or even just sitting quietly and reading. People who can't see him might be surprised at the floating books, though.]

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[OOC: Info on what sorts of characters will be able to see/sense him off-journal!]

2nd Party

Mar. 6th, 2014 10:44 pm
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[The last week was a fairly confusing time. What with so many residents sleeping and all. Cheese prides himself on being able to think on his hooves, though, and if there's one thing he's certain about right now, it is that everypony in the castle needs something to lift their spirits. And that just happens to be where his expertise lie.

He'd already attempted to wander into the town that was being discussed to gather some supplies, but that...didn't quite work as well as he hoped. So now he's sitting in the gardens, dictating into the journal open on the grass in front of him. It's good grass, by the way, Paradisa. Springy and delicious.

Hey, everypony! I've noticed that all those nightmares have got you all feeling down, and I'm always the one you call to fix that. It's my job to make everypony as happy as possible, and this place sure does need a whole lot of that right now.

I'm a party planner, and I've already promised to throw you all a shindig you'll never forget. [Blame Lucrezia. There's an awkward pause here.] But I've never thrown a party for humans before, and there are so many of you here, I don't want to throw something you won't enjoy. Because who wants a party where nopony is having fun? So let me know what humans want in their parties, and I'll put together something epic. Nonhumans, too, there's gotta be some of you around, right?

[Another pause, as he glances off in the direction that would have taken him into town.]

Aaaand does anypony know when the magical force field will go away so I can check out the town?


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