Mar. 7th, 2014

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[Several hours since his arrival, and he's gone nowhere in a hurry. Mostly just around in circles in the biggest building he's ever set foot in. While the journal has accompanied him, he hasn't really paid it much mind in the midst of the quiet panic threatening to bubble to the surface. He thought he was done with all the weird stuff, but apparently that wasn't the case at all. Eventually circling back to where he started, in a huge room with his name on the door, Hijiri finally settled down to study the journal more closely.]

[Unsettled emotions quickly give way to curiosity. There were different voices having conversations on different pages. It was weird, but after everything else he's recently seen, not too terribly out of the way in terms of things that can exist. He decides to give it a shot, himself. Voices have to belong to all the people he saw.]

Ah, hello? Can anyone tell me where I am? [He paused, waiting.] It's definitely not where I was an hour ago.

[Another pause, and a soft laugh.] This is weird, talking to a book.
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[So Aaron had taken Church's advice and wishes for a chew toy for his dog. However the castle was big and Aaron didn't like staying in his room all day. So he had been hanging around with Clyde on his tail. But somewhere that flamin' toy had got lost.]

Hey if anyone finds a squeaky rubber bone, let me know alright? I don't fancy wishing up another one with that loss-price stuff, ta.

Filtered to Tucker )

[Aaron strikes out his message to Tucker because his mate probably won't get in while he's out to investigate the outposts.]


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