Mar. 10th, 2014

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You know, where I'm from no one bothers to even print books on paper anymore. Everything is done digitally and through the extranet, including means of communication. I never imagined I would be using such backwards means for such things-- magical journals? Laughable at best and hardly secure.

I never really realized how much I took technology for granted before my arrival here. I guess that's to be expected from a quarian. We thrive off living on space ships, not some castle made of rocks. Even structures like this are rare in most parts of the galaxy and I have to admit I fear how structurally sound it would be under attack.

Even the elevator here is so slow that I've only gone up two floors since I started this. Though I guess I really shouldn't complain, it's better than taking the stairs. Though why not do something better with the space than walk everywhere? I know the technology here is limited, but there's bound to be something suitable enough for the castle.
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The last time the castle changed it was only for a week, but we're coming up on two now and things are still the same. Which, you know, I guess that makes sense, with all the improvements instead of transporting us back in time to a place where the water made you sick, but whatever.

Point is, I kind of thought things would change back. I guess when you get a magical demon baby as a boss fight all bets are off, you can't really back down after that.

[And to think there was a time in her life when walkers were the thing that was the most out of place, they were the thing you needed to take the time to wrap your brain around. Now? It's shooting babies. Speaking of which-]

I'd just like to put it out there that I don't usually go around shooting children in the face, by the way. Just... so that's clear.

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