Mar. 14th, 2014

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[Bruce is sitting in the castle gardens, a puppy playing at his feet. He's not sure he wanted a puppy, but, thanks to the Hulk, he has one. Bruce just hopes Hulk didn't steal the puppy from someone. Bruce is going to find that out, before he lets himself get too attached or even names the little fella. Bruce cradles the puppy, keeping him from climbing down and mangling Bruce's journal.]

Um. Is anyone missing a puppy? I seem to have acquired one, thanks to the Other Guy. I mean, I don't mind having a puppy, but I have no idea where he came from. He seems to be either a lab or maybe a golden retriever? Um. Do a lot of people here have pets? What happens to them, when the castle starts playing games?
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[Scrawled across the page in all caps, neatly, is the one word that sums up Kate Beckett's last few hours.]

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[Connor is disguising his handwriting for this, because it's awkward, which renders this effectively anonymous. But he's also pretty bad at not being obvious, so if you know him well enough... or if you recognise the handwriting from this entry from six months ago because he doesn't think to change how he is masking himself... it's pretty easy to put the pieces together.]

How would you impress a woman?
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[There's silence for a moment, then the sound of a large THUMP. Then silence for another moment, before Katniss sighs.]

Well ... damn.

[Then there's another THUMP. And another silence. Katniss grumbles to herself.] ... how hard can this be? Everyone can do this.

[Another THUMP, and Katniss is just exasperated at this point.] What is the point of this thing if it doesn't work right? WORK.


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