Mar. 16th, 2014

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Ah, so I know this is very, very over due, but in the rush of things I could not find a quiet moment to think on how best to announce this - if, of course, Tylendel has not beat me to it in person.

But, as some of you may know, Tylendel and I share a special bond. It is considered a rare and extremely special gift granted from the gods in our world. The Bond is like finding the other half of your soul, and many will never find that one person in their lifetime. When you do, there is no room in your heart for anyone else. You love them beyond all, and many Bonded pairs do not outlive each other because your life without them is simply to dark. And after a long time of waiting here, my Bonded was reunited with me. 

And after some time, it occurred to me that here, in Paradisa, there are no strictures against the ways in which we all pair off with each other, in which we choose to celebrate our love for each other. So, about a month ago, I asked Tylendel if he would share with me another title between ourselves beyond that of Bonded. 

I asked him if he would share the title of Husband. 

And he said yes.

[ Boy, you can just hear the heart-fluttering happiness in that statement. ]

We have not made much in the way of planning for a celebration, but as we do, I would be honored and grateful for all of you here to celebrate with us, though I do not think we shall be very extravagant. 
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Wow! Everything got so twinkly after I woke up! What happened?

[Yup. Someone was asleep and dreaming through that plot. Sorry if anyone got kicked by a four-inch high fairy.]

More importantly, winter is almost over! So now's the time to enjoy the last of the in-season snow. ...Unless you guys want me to make more, of course! [Not mentioning that it's technically against the rules. It shouldn't hurt so long as Elder doesn't know, right?]

What kind of snow fun to you like?


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