Mar. 17th, 2014

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[It took a great deal of effort to turn the pages, and he had torn one slightly before arriving at a blank one, and so Thranduil sounded somewhat frustrated by the time he finally began speaking. Hooves were not made for handling paper, and he wasn't entirely sure how else he was supposed to do it. The horn seemed to control some sort of magic, but thus far it had only made his life more difficult, not less.]

Is it common to experience a loss as the result of another's actions? Or do I just have bad luck?

[Bad luck in that he and Legolas had been changed at the same time, if nothing else.]
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[Alexis has been in the castle for approximately an hour and has learned the following things:

1. This is not New York City.
2. She has no idea where this is or how she got here.
3. She can't find anybody she knows or any explanation that's satisfactory.

The one thing she did learn from the people she's run into so far is that this journal is magic and can be used to communicate with the other people here.

Ok. Sure.

Due to the fact that she's not having much luck getting her questions answered and the castle seems to be huge - way too big to explore all of in a timely manner, she's decided to try and see if the journal actually is magic.

She figures that if it's not, she won't look like too much of an idiot because she's only writing things down on paper.]


[The writing is carefully formed, written slowly and tentatively.]

If there's anybody who can read this, my name is Alexis Castle. Can someone possibly tell me where I am and what's going on?


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