Mar. 18th, 2014

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[So Aaron has gotten increasingly bored at the castle. He had nothing to do during the days, other than walking and playing with Clyde, and know that Tucker had vanished he didn't have a mate to hang out with either. So he had wished for an Xbox, some games and a TV. However as he tried to put the attachment for the TV on the wall he couldn't. Every time he tried to use the drill it refused to start. Getting exasperated he wished up a hammer and tried to nail the bloody thing onto the wall. But as he tried the hammer slipped right out of his steady grip... and fell down on his foot. He cried out in pain as it landed.]

Blasted thing! Shite, shite... Ahhh, damn it. Soddin' hammer.

[Once the pain had subsided Aaron had tried a few more times before he finally gave up. He then directed the journal with a lot of sarcasm.]

Lucky me huh. Looks like I found out what my flamin' loss was. Chuffin' castle. Anyone around to help me out with something I can't seem to do because of this flippin' loss?
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[You know what Legolas likes having? Hands. Hands are nice. And useful for writing.]

Now that I am back to my normal self, I have an offer. My loss came as I meant to craft a new crown for my king. So I thought I might offer to teach others how to weave flowers into crowns.

And Katniss? I do believe I have yet to have the chance to beat you in an archery competition. We should find a judge.

[If there's a way for the written word to seem smug, there it is.]


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