Mar. 25th, 2014

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[Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't feel.

Elsa had stopped using that mantra. Ever since she had accepted herself and reversed the so-called "eternal winter" in Arendelle, Elsa had promised herself - and the people around her - that she would be more open. She promised that she wouldn't go back into hiding. Bottling up her emotions and her power never did her any good in the years she spent alone, and she had most certainly learned that lesson.

But... she had a limit. She could try to be strong, she could try to keep it together, but in some cases... she just can't.

This is one of those cases.]

I have... a question. [She has to clear her throat just after saying that, because she's so close to crying (or possibly having a panic attack) that she can't stop a lump from forming in her throat. She can try - and fail - to control her emotions, but her voice? Nope. It's clear to anyone who's listening that she's really hurting.]

... How do you deal with people who are close to you suddenly... disappearing?

[Also, for those of you living on the fourth floor, or possibly just passing by: it looks like a sudden deep freeze swept through the halls. The temperature has dropped sharply, and there are small lines of frost trailing along the walls, ceiling, and floor. Said frost gets more and more noticeable the closer one gets to room 419...]
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[There's no real preamble to the message, just a tapping of a pen, or finger, or something, against the page before Howl speaks]

I don't think anyone's mentioned it yet, so I might as well. Anyone looking for the resident gathering of wizards will find us in the Satis tower now, all the way up at the top. While I quite like the view, there are quite a few stairs. I may have to set up a shortcut again, if the castle is quite done rearranging itself. I suppose it decided we were better off isolated.

And speaking of the castle, and by extension, the city, has anyone made a list of all the changes? There seems to be quite a few, but I can't claim to have a perfect memory of what was there before, so I'm sure I've missed a few thing. Perhaps we should all band together and take inventory, as it were. Thoughts?


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