Mar. 30th, 2014

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A rather belated happy vernal equinox, to those here for whom it is a celebration. I was a bit caught up in work myself, but it's good to know at least the weather will be warming up. And we still have May Day, eh? Nice and traditional, that one. [If you are slowly gaining the sense that Clow is fond of celebrations - well, you'd be right. Parties are great]

And speaking of work, the Upper Crust is now open again, although the lighting remains somewhat more... intimate than previously. If you have suggestions for pastries or related baked goods you'd like to see sold, I'm more than welcome to ideas. Always good to try new things~
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[Well, things had been going... Reasonable enough since the castle chose to turn things upside down.. But the thing is, something told him everything was going just a little too easy. And April Fool's day is coming up. He remembers it all too well.]

In case anyone is unaware or might have forgotten, it's the first of April soon. Or as it's known in some places, April Fool's day. Be ready for anything. The castle is known for strangeness.

[[OOC: As a note, he's being put on a truth loss. Not sure how long it'll last, but any question, he has to answer truthfully to the best of his ability and knowledge. Feel free to have your characters stumble into it. He doesn't realize it yet though.]]
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Has anyone here bothered with any of the games on CastleNet? Namely, I'd like to know about the one called "Epidemic." If anyone else has any experience with it, some tips on how to beat it would be lovely, since I've wasted away a good chunk of my week on this game, and I'd love to finally see some payoff.

Is it even possible to win?

[a long pause, and then, in a low voice]

Would it be cheating if I kept rerolling until I got Madagascar as my starting region?


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