Apr. 1st, 2014

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[ the journal picks up the sound of a light breeze - someone's found his way to the rooftop, carefully perched on one of those archer notches. sometimes, it's nice to have a moment to reflect. or stare out at the land and think wow that's pretty. Hal happens to be doing more of the former before he decides to speak up and give this journal thing a proper go. ]

This city certainly is quite a sight. [ a laugh ] There would be no view like this back home.

[ after a pause: ] -- do forgive me, citizens, I've not properly introduced myself with my limited practice of this journal. My name is Harry. And I wished to very belatedly voice my gratitude for the kind chaps at the clinic, I don't believe I had said so at the time. Your work is impeccable.

[ the wind picks up a bit, rustling the papers of the journal before Hal smooths it out with his hand. ]

I've been told that this castle houses a grand library as well. Should any among you feel obliged, I would not mind company along the way. I can promise to be on my best behaviour and provide decent companionship if anyone happens to be traveling in that direction.

[ ooc; any clinic folks can feel free to assume they treated Hal's spear wound on his left shoulder! ]
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[There's a deep inhale, the shaking sounds of a surprised breath following soon after. It's sudden, a hint of panic reaching the voice that is quick to speak. The voice is quiet at first, nearly unhinged.]


Wh-- [A few more heavy breaths are heard as well as the sound of a bed rustling beneath her. This clearly wasn't what she was expecting to wake up to.]


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Hey. Hey. Hey. Paradisa. Do you know what today is?


No foolin'.

Come to the Death Match. Drinks and cake are on me.

[However, anybody coming to the Death March may have at least one of the following happen: 1. They will get drenched with beer (water for underage patrons) as they walk in the door; 2. They will get a pie in the face as they walk in the door; 3. Their stool will have a pie or whoopee cushion on it; 4. The normally benign peanuts and potato chips at the bar will be coated with sriracha.]
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[Crowley tends to avoid most Earth holidays. Once you've lived through the first hundred or so of them, they tend to get rather repetitive. But April Fools is one he's always enjoyed. Of course, in most of the time he's been in Paradisa, April Fools was haunted by horrible, screeching singing, and as such, Crowley had remained in his room for a while, listening.

With the complete lack of people singing their feelings out, Crowley decided the castle had finally, at least, given its musical of death a rest, and headed out to do what any self respecting demon would do on a holiday such as this: make other's lives miserable.

And so, he has wandered around the castle, leaving little pranks here and there. Such as air horns on doors and leaving chocolate-coated onions in the kitchen.. The one he sticks around to watch, however, is his old favourite. The entire lobby floor is now waxed to an inch of its life, making it nothing but a promise of amusing arm flailing and possibly broken limbs.

Crowley himself sits at his favourite spot in the lobby, with a glass of wine, happily watching proceedings, his journal open to catch any fallout from his other pranks.

This is much better than singing, I'm sure you'll all agree.


Apr. 1st, 2014 11:57 pm
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[The following entry comes from a very exasperated, annoyed and more to the point drenched Silva.

He sighs dramatically before speaking.]

To whomever thought it was a good idea to place a bucket of cold water over the kitchen doorway I do hope you find the love of a good woman or man soon. You clearly have a little too much time to spare.

[ He's now going to dry himself off ... he is just so above this childish shit.]


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