Apr. 2nd, 2014

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[It's the crack of dawn and someone is already awake and outside. (Actually he never went to sleep, damn elves.) And he's bored.

Legolas and boredom rarely mix well.

So what does he do? He opens up his journal.

Everyone will be greeted to a cheerful voice!]

Are most of you still asleep? You waste a beautiful day!

[The Sun is barely even awake and you are the ones wasting the day. Clearly. HDU.]
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So, that was a loss, was it? And one of the tamer ones, I suppose-- though we were all going a little wild.

[It's strange for him, to be affected by the same things that mortals are affected by. He's not the strongest or the highest being on his own world, but he's still sort of on a separate plane from humans and the like. Here in the castle, though... there's something about the circumstances that makes them all equals, in a way. He's still himself, but he gets the feeling that in the castle's mind (if it has one), there's no difference between him and any other random person.]

I've been searching in the library for books on this place: the castle, the town, or the areas surrounding it. I haven't found anything yet, but if anyone else is aware of any, I would appreciate information on them. I do quite enjoy reading, but as you might imagine, it's not entirely a pleasure pursuit in this case. We've all found ourselves taken from our homes and brought to this place, and it's strange that books about it are so hard to come by.

Speaking of books, people who frequent the library may have noticed that I've been borrowing large quantities of them, mostly of the horror genre. There are books here from all sorts of different worlds, you see, and it's easier to compare them if I have them all right next to me. For each one I take, I replace it with a card giving the title and author. If someone finds themselves interested in one that I haven't yet returned, I urge them to contact me, and I'll pass it on immediately-- after all, the last thing I want to do is to keep horror stories out of the hands of the people here. As much as I like reading them, I enjoy them even more secondhand-- when I'm seeing them through the filter of another's fears.

[And on that creepy note, he closes the journal.

As usual, Pitch can also be found pretty much anywhere in the castle. For those who can see him, he might be lurking in the shadows, or maybe even just walking around like a normal person. For those who can't see him, his presence might be felt in the air: a heightened sense foreboding, or a slight darkening of the room.]

[OOC: Info on what sorts of characters will be able to see/sense him off-journal! Anyone is also free to have had their characters encounter him yesterday.]
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[There's a troll in the dungeon! parlor. For now she's just sitting sideways in a chair with her legs dangling over the arm, flipping through the journal and watching anyone who happens to be in there. A thought comes to mind, and immediately she begins to dictate.]

I've been thinking. How come we don't get to grow up here? You know, like get taller and stuff. It just seems weird beclaws in our minds we get older but we don't look any different.

Even if some of us don't get to grow up back home, Purradisa should be different. I guess it's not so bad that I'm still sort of small and it helps for hunting and tracking, but I am seven--almost eight sweeps old! You wouldn't look at a six sweep old troll and think they look the same as an eight sweep old troll.

What's that fur humans again...? It's like a human that is 13 years and a human that is sixteen. Or is it seventeen? The point is there is a difference. I don't know, it's weird!


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