Apr. 10th, 2014


Apr. 10th, 2014 05:59 pm
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Since it appears that the changes that happened to our home last month are not yet going away, I would like to make the best of what we have here, and that means making sure the clinic is prepared in case of emergency.

I do not often speak on the journals, so allow me to introduce myself- I'm Dr. Simon Tam, and I work at the Paradisa medical clinic, which is now located in the Ira Tower. [Have a sketch of a map to the clinic.] If anybody who has arrived in the past few months has any sort of medical skills- a healing gift or magic, or even any experience working with your hands- we could really use your help here. Crises do not happen often, but I would prefer we not be caught offguard.

If anybody is willing to learn the basics of first aid and medical care or needs to brush up on their skills, Dr. Keller or myself would be more than happy to teach you- and both of us are surgeons, so we are able to handle any heavy lifting of that sort. A few people to help keep the place tidy would be welcomed, as well.

I thank you for your consideration.
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[It's been well over a week. Something should have changed by now.]

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[Hefting a sigh, he flips open the journal, with no particular purpose in mind.]

Is it just me, or does everything seem to be moving backwards? Between this and Florence, we keep going in the wrong direction. [Since he's obviously referring to their new 'Medieval' town that's becoming less charming as time goes on.] The dinosaurs too, now that I think about it. Talk about favoring the majority.

[Residents, he means. He's hoping one of them hears him.]

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ooc: Basically this is Spike trying to figure out his new loss by stealing all the alcohol. Also open for running into him in the laundry room or anywhere along his path.


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