Apr. 12th, 2014

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[His voice over the journal is thoughtful, a little distracted and pensive as he speaks aloud numbers, seemingly at random.]

One, one, two, three, five, eight, thirteen, twenty-one, thirty-four, fifty-five, eighty-nine, one hundred and forty four, two hundred and thirty three, three hundred and seventy seven, six hundred and ten...

[A long pause follows, taps of the tip of his pen making ink spots on the page. His voice picks up again before long, distracted but then becoming excited, breathless, as if what he imparts is brand new knowledge just discovered and he is eager to share.]

Patterns. It's funny how some repeat in nature over and over again. It doesn't matter where in the universe you are, or what you are, some patterns will always repeat. One could even be said to be at the very beginning and to be a basic building block of all life. Well, that's if you think that holds any water of course. It's a pattern that's everywhere however, if only you look.

[Turning back to the journal, he starts to write the numbers, heavier than normal pen strokes filling the page as he speaks them aloud again.]

No. No, no, no. That's not good enough. You have to understand this, it's very important.


[And the Doctor begins to draw...] )

Do you see? Beautiful curves and numbers. Golden spirals. They're everywhere.
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[It had started innocently enough. People were drawing in the journal, lots more people than usual, and Sugar wanted to draw too. So she copied the swirly doodles. And then made more. And more. And more.

At first she had stuck to the journal, using different colors of crayon for each swirl. However eventually that wasn't good enough. So Sugar wished herself up a tube of paint and started drawing on the walls.

The young fairy can currently be found in the second floor hallway, using her hands to paint tiny swirls on one patch of the wall. She steps back to inspect her work, and after a few moments of scrutiny she nods.

There! That's much better.
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[If a resident chooses to travel far away from the castle, they'll see a rare and rather cute sight! Bruce Banner has traveled far away from Paradisa and the nearby city and towns, heading into the farmland, though he's trying to avoid destroying crops. You won't see Banner, though! He has released the Hulk. Since no one has come forward to claim Hulk's puppy, Bruce has accepted the tiny thing as his, well, theirs. So, he's traveled away from people so the Hulk can have some playtime with their new friend.

Hulk is romping around with his puppy, which he has named Chewie...not after Chewbacca, but because of the puppy's tendency to chew on things. Bruce is sporting new shoes or will be, when he changes back.]


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