Apr. 13th, 2014

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What... the hell is happening?

[Is the only mutter you hear, as Katniss pulls back another shot, and then curses quietly.] Circles! All my arrows are going in circles in mid-air! What kind of ... weird gravitational nonsense is going on now?
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[ Silva has been feeling a little creative since his eyes caught Jenny Scotts spirals. He'd tried art work in his younger days but he hadn't given it a second thought again until he saw the childs creations. It's like they had awoken feelings that he'd long since considered dormant.

So he'd gotten to work, colouring one of the walls of the lobby with painted spirals of all shapes, sizes and colours. To the unaffected it might just seem like a mess but to him he feels like he's painting the walls of the Sistine Chapel.

Isn't it amazing? the things we miss in life?

Sometimes there are things that have been always been there ... never fading in their beauty yet hidden to everybody. And when we finally do spot them their colours are just ...

They make it all worth while ... pain, misery, loss, they help wash away all the negativity life brings.

[He laughs ... oh how they're making him feel so alive.]

For those who are interested I have made a little alteration in the lobby ... I do hope everybody appreciates the effort I've put in.

[ He sits in a chair facing his creation. A look of pride setting over his face.]
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[Aaron stumbles through the corridor with his journal clenched under his arm. He's hyperventilating and sweating. His vision has turned into tunnel vision and he scrapes his fingers against the walls. He's having a full blown panic attack. He had seen those tornadoes and other spirals and his already fragile state of mind had faltered badly.]
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[ Dictated or Action in the Terrere Tower - Summer ]

The art has been remarkable of late, bursts of color in the halls and over the journals. You should all be commended for your efforts but... have you noticed the waves? Some how these stand out above all else.

It is quite mesmerizing the way the water is pushed to shore in all those ripples and swirls. I have stood here for hours watching them.

[There is no sense of concern when he says this. There is only deep awe that grows the longer he watches the spirals. ]

Che meraviglia.

[As he speaks the swirls in the waves seem to draw him in. Giovanni crosses the beach without even realizing he had been pulled so near to the side of the ocean until the water splashes over his boots, but even this is no deterrent. ]

Do you know if you look further out toward the horizon there are even larger spirals in the water?

[The sea water was up to his knees now but he couldn't stop now. He had to see more!]

They are so far from shore. It makes one wonder...

The swirls we see on the surface are only cosmetic, how deep might the real current spiral down? Would they travel all the way to the ocean floor? Beyond? I must know...


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