Apr. 21st, 2014

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[ The young woman is sitting at the open doors to the castle's entrance, papers around her, weighted down by head-sized stones.

The papers are covered in various sketches that are actually pretty detailed. The sketches all contain one specific thing. Manicas. Real Roman (Reimian) manicas, with various different details. And she even has one real in her hands.

She straps in onto her arm, flexes her fingers and shifts her arm, trying out how it feels. She seem to be pretty pleased, and she sounds it. ]

Alright! Just like a real one!

[ It has the same golden shine as her armor, as it should be, according to her. It wouldn't fit the image of a Remian soldier if it wasn't.

And then she shoves her arm out, straight forward, out toward the yard. The manica doesn't have any effect in itself, but the pressure from her punch pushes the air aside, and it topples over items in its path. Maybe also a random innocent passerby, too. ]

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Well, that was certainly... interesting.

[Not to mention terrible, and a little horrifying. But he's just going to go with understatement today]

I would avoid Satis tower for awhile, I think. It's going to take a bit to get this all cleaned up.

[But if someone does decided to venture up to Chimera HQ, they're going to find one very dapper wizard on his hands and knees with a bucket of soapy water, trying to scrub up all the chalk]
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[If Meg kept track of how often she publicly addressed everyone over journals, it would certainly amuse her that this would be her thirteenth entry - because someone sure as hell has some bad luck coming their way after stealing all the booze from her bar.

It's not the loss of inventory that bothers her - they live in a magical goddamn castle that grants wishes and makes the idea of property almost entirely null, for fuck's sake. No... it's the principle of the thing, and one ought to know that you're in a special trouble when you've pissed off a demon in regard to ethics.

The front doors of the castle blow open, slamming against the walls of the lobby with a bang that echoes throughout the first floor. She stalks in, eyes entirely black and a creepily stoic expression on her face - as if it isn't creepy enough that such a tiny gal just blew open the doors to the lobby, evidently through sheer force of will. A less-than-gentle breeze flows in behind her, whipping her hair up momentarily as she saunters in and stands dead-center, crossing her arms and popping out one hip.

In that moment, Meg would dare anyone to say that she doesn't know how to make an entrance, but she didn't drag herself back from her escape from reality to shoot the shit.]

Heya Paradisa, miss me?

[She's looking remarkably well-put-together for someone who's been roughing it in town for the past month, but she supposes that's the perk of not actually needing any of the amenities of the castle. That's not to say she's not ready for a hot damn shower and some comfort food, and speaking of booze, but first...]

Heard some of you jokesters thought it might be a good idea to jack all the booze from Death Match. Well, guess what? It wasn't. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not complete idiots, though I gotta say, my gut is telling me the exact opposite. You might not know exactly who or what I am, but long story sort? [She scoffs] Ya picked the wrong place to steal from.

Now, in the interest of our little community here, I'll be generous. You put it back by... say... midnight tomorrow? No harm, no foul, no hard feelings. Cross my heart 'n hope to die... again.

You don't? Well. [Meg chuckles, and anyone in the vicinity will have the benefit of her feigning complete boredom, checking out her own desperate need for a proper manicure.] Here's hoping someone educates you in the mean time.

[With that, she slams her journal shut and stalks up to her room for a little bit of pampering. She'll answer sporadically and anyone brave enough can feel free to approach her between the lobby and the second floor.]


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