Apr. 22nd, 2014

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There must be some pattern to what the castle chooses to do to us.

[There is some irony in the fact that the castle's continued influence is the only reason he feels like addressing other residents at all, but it's something he's been thinking about for awhile.]

If we could understand it, we could control it.

[Which seems the most logical course of action, to him.]
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Friends of Jennifer Keller

I hope all of you made it out of this... thing okay. Just when I think things can't get any worse here...


So- since the castle is done contorting itself, has anybody found any evidence of the changes we experienced last month reverting? Or is it still the same as it was then? I've been looking and haven't found anything that's changed back, but I keep half expecting this to be an event on top of an event. It would be just like the castle.
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[Today finds David in a place he wouldn't usually find himself, but the Spirals, and the outcome of that whole mess has him thinking about things, so he's in the music room, listening to an album in a particular order, doing his usual floaty meditation thing as he gives his mind over to ruminating on subjects way bigger than himself. At some point after Lateralus, David speaks to his open journal.]

So, that whole Spiral thing. Anyone else think...the castle was tryin' ta tell us all somethin'? I mean...spirals, the Fibonacci Sequence...they all point ta expansion, ta spreadin' out an' breakin' the rules while understandin' what they are, an' all o' that cosmic mumbo-jumbo.

[He pauses.]

There's been a lot o' talk about spreadin' out, an' figurin' this place out, inasmuch as it'll let us. I'm not as up on my info as I probably should be, I guess, cuz I dunno where we're at with that. Anyone care ta fill a bloke in? I'd love ta help, if I can. If for no other reason than ta understand this prison we've all been stuck in, maybe make it less prison if we can, aye?

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[ It's a gamble, making an invitation in this journal. An Assassin usually doesn't risk such exposure. With what he has planned, Altaïr will be risking more than just a meeting with a well-armed man in white robes. His words are careful, almost contemplative, but deliberate as a blade. ]

Safety and peace, Paradisa.

I am sure you have noticed that this land is capable of neither. [ an understatement. ] I have seen that many of you cannot avoid a fight or defend yourselves. I cannot teach you how to ward magic, but I do have some skill in the art of movement and of the blade.

We will blend with the crowd, use rooftops to move about, and spar with knives and swords if you have them. Anyone of any skill may come and learn something of worth. And for those of you who already have exceptional skill, I hope you will join me in teaching. We are trapped here together, and knowledge is nothing if it cannot be passed on.

I will be in the city's craftsmen district on the first, second, and third of next month. Look for the man in the white hood. Have you any questions?

[ ooc: This post is for questions. Open log is here! ]
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[well now, here's a voice that hasn't been heard for a while. It's almost a relief to be back, almost.]

Anyone else ever feel like you've just lost a month?

Is everyone out there ok?

Really, how are things?

Checking in, how are you holding up?
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Hello Paradisians? If that is what we are, citizens of this place. In all my walking and mapping I've yet to find a place with decent tea. If anyone has some and would be willing to trade for it, or knows where I can buy it myself I would be interested in hearing from you.


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