Apr. 28th, 2014

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Apr. 28th, 2014 06:41 pm
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Who would've thought something so simple could become so terrifying?


Maybe you know this already, but that wasn't like me at all, and I'm really really sorry for scaring you like that.

[The Boogeyman]

[What did he say his real name was? Man, this is the weirdest filter ever...]

I'm not sure I should even bother, considering how much of a jerk you are, but...[sigh] I'm sorry.
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[In some ways everything was back to the way it should be, and in others everything had changed. He'd lost so much - lovers, friends, focus, and, more than once, his own mind. But the most recent change had, to pardon the metaphor, spun everything around and thrown it into sharper focus. Chimera headquarters were back at the top of a tower again (albeit a different one), he come to some sort of reconciliation with Ashura (although not a complete one), and he'd been reminded once again of the cause he'd tried to rally himself to so early on (even if it was, most of the time, partly futile). Spirals be damned, he needed something to set his mind to. Reminding the rest of the castle he existed was a good start]

Residents, I'd like to speak to you all briefly about the subject of magic. I am sure many of you are aware that it's perhaps the most important factor in our lives here. It is in everything and controls everything. But it is difficult to predict or define, and therefore to many it is also therefore something to be ignored. It is easy to mistake mysterious for unknowable.

Let me offer you an analogy. Until telescopes were invented, it was impossible to really study the nature of the heavens beyond perhaps the empirical truth that the objects within them were real. In a similar vein, magic is a force which our minds cannot properly perceive. We simply lack the proper instruments. But without it we can still observe and study. And every world that has it learns to categorize the phenomena by reducing it to symbolism and metaphor.

The more we know, the more we have the chance to understand. Perhaps even to influence. And that is what I have attempted to do here in Paradisa. The council I refer to as Chimera is meant to dedicate itself to just that. But to do so I need to hear from more of you who know anything about it. Any of you who have encountered it or are skilled in it's use.

Unless of course you believe it does not exist at all, or can be explained by something more logical, I'd be happy to hear from you as well. [It will either result in an interesting discussion or an argument, either of which he's fine with.]

Either way, I can be found in the lobby, just outside the door to Satis Tower, or if you prefer to speak privately through the journal, my name is Felix Harrowgate.

[That done, Felix settles down in an armchair and waits]
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Filtered to Tex )

[And after making that post, Wash had decided to do yet another patrol, checking nameplates to keep his own records straight, at least. And to reassure himself that Tex's nameplate was still there, if she didn't respond or didn't respond promptly. He was worried about her.]

[[OOC: Feel free to see the armed and armored Freelancer outside your character's rooms. Question him. It's to be expected.]]


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