Apr. 30th, 2014

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(Tylendel's voice murmurs the following lyrics, but it begins to shake as the story behind the lyrics is unveiled. There is a loud thump and the sound of running feet echoing off of the walls. This is what he gets for spending the wee hours of the morning in the library.)

Cut for lyrics. )

(His breath comes quicker as he finally slides - yes those are his feet sliding against the stone floor - inside of the room he and Vanyel share.)

V-Van! Are you awake? I need to talk to you...
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Spring has truly arrived at last, and it seems likely we shall have at least some little quiet time. It seems, therefore, as good a time as any to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

Those who wish to feast with us would be welcome to join in the celebration tonight. It will be outside the castle, near the trees.

[Private to Legolas

Have you still your wine, leaf, or need I find another way to procure more?]
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[Firethroat has been quiet for some time. When the castle had been ravaged by spirals, Firethroat had fled, taking refuge in the forest or at least as much refuge as the trees could provide. There was unlikely to be anywhere safer for a dragon as large as herself.

In order to pass the time, she had begun exploring the forests more in depth, moving on foot since the spirals made the sky perilous. During one of her explorations, she stumbled upon a cave. It seemed deep and for the most part empty. Finally, a proper lair. A home away from home. While she did not think she could resist the castle's siren call for too long, this would make a good place to stay safe from any possibly dangerous humans. With her decisions made, Firethroat made her way towards her casket's hiding place. Unearthing the treasure chest, she brought it deep inside the cave. Now her heart had a new, safer hiding place, one she could guard more easily. That done, Firethroat curled up and waited for the Spirals to end.]

[Checking over her journal now, things seem to have calmed down. Breathing lightly to turn the page, Firethroat speaks.]

Now I am beginning to see why those who have lived here for longer speak of these changes with fear. [Even if she did not think she herself could die from such things, it was not difficult to tell that others easily could.] A strange host Paradisa must be, to put its own guests in danger.
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Vicious )

[While waiting for his magic journal to speak to him, Spike can be found holding up a wall in the lobby, looking overly concerned by the lighter in his hand. That gaze only gets more intense when the flame catches.

You'd think this would be an easy trick to master, but whatever he's doing, he hasn't got it down yet.]


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