May. 4th, 2014

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 [Today was the Fourth of May.  It was his birthday.  

But Conan was in no mood to celebrate.

He should have been turning twenty today. He should have been in university by now.  He should have been starting his life as an adult.

But even after three years, Conan still didn't look a day over seven.  He still hadn't made any progress towards finding a cure or stopping the Black Organization.  

He was beginning to lose hope.

So instead of going out into the castle today, and meeting any of the people who might know of his birthday, Conan had chosen to lock himself in his room with nothing but his Holmes novels. After hours of reading alone, he finally chooses to open up his journal.]

The Fourth of May, huh. Reichenbach Falls.

[Conan is silent for a long moment.]

I wonder how long it was that Arthur Conan Doyle truly intended to leave the 'Adventure of the Final Problem' as the last Holmes story.
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[Filtered away from Conan and anyone who might hurt him]

Psst... Hey, guys. Mind doing me a favor? Did you hear that mopey kid rambling on about Holmes and Reichenbach?

If you didn't, it's on the page before this one. [She even writes down a page number just in case.]

For those of you who don't know him, his name is Conan Edogawa, and today is his birthday! Poor kid has been feeling pretty down lately though, and it seems his mood isn't much better today. So I'd appreciate it if you could do a little something to mark the occasion. It doesn't have to be much ― just something to let him know we care. [Because clearly that's what he wants. Not really. But this is not just a prime trolling opportunity (though that's certainly a plus). Dairine really wants Conan to feel better, even just a little. So she adds as sweetly as possible.]

After all, it would be such a shame for someone his age to be sad on his birthday, right?


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