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[This afternoon finds Gren just outside the castle courtyard, by the road that leads into town. He stands, arranging a bunch of scrolls of thick paper inside a saddlebag attached to the flank of a borrowed horse before he pulls out his journal from another pocket, pats the stallion on the nose, and sits down to dictate a message]

So the weather's finally cleared up and I thought I'd mention again that I'm starting up a little courier business. Anything within the city is five caisos, and between there and the castle is ten. I'll move whatever you like, no questions asked.

And hey, since couriers seem to be a lot bigger in the city since everything changed, I might even look to partner up with someone. Anyone who can ride a horse or can get around pretty quick would be good. I might even be able to use some kind of clerk who can take orders or messages, if this goes well enough.
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Say, is there anyone really strong here? And by really strong I don't mean "can throw a person over the shoulder" strong, but more like "can blow a huge boulder to pieces with one punch" strong. I want someone to spar seriously with. Holding back all the time isn't really fun, fighting should be done without holding back.
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[Marie's voice over the journal sounds worried as Jennifer opens it up to dictate into it.]

... the clinic is still in the same place it moved to two months ago, right? I'm having trouble finding it... I've been walking back and forth where it should be, and I've looked in a few other places, but I keep missing it somehow. Anybody else having this problem?

[Unbeknownst to poor Jennifer, she's now on a temporary loss where she can't find or get to the clinic unless someone leads her there- and Blue and Marie don't count. Oh my.]
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[It’s no coincidence that Tess has been quiet for a new weeks, what with what’s happened in her household, but well, she’s never been one to hide. She might drop off the radar, or change her identity, but she’d never hide.

Only cowards hide.

Despite the weather turning warmer, Tess is in a thick sweater with the collar drawn around her tightly, sitting on the front steps of the castle. Those first few weeks of spring are nice after a cold winter, and she’s looking forward to a summer –– hopefully one more easygoing than the spring they’ve had, or the winter before it.

Tess balances her journal on her knees and flips through it idly. After a moment she gives a huff of exasperation.]

Missing rooms, super strength, magic, weddings…

Just once I’d like to open the journal and talk about old episodes of some TV show or something normal. There are so many TV shows I wish I’d gotten to see the ending to. I never got to see that Carrie movie, or see if Miley Cyrus ended up in rehab.

Such a piss-off.


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