May. 10th, 2014

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I find it odd that some things like computer game titles can vary so much between worlds. It's similar content but the title is different. So is there anyone else who got a favourite game they wanna share? Maybe there's something like that in my world too. One of my favourite games is Call of War where you basically play a soldier who's involved in war and often later becomes a spy. Anything similar in other worlds?

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May. 10th, 2014 02:36 pm
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[Normally, when the castle wants to screw with him, it brings him back to his castle room. What he found on his kitchen table that morning, therefore, was a bigger surprise.]

What is this, an egg?

[He stopped to read the note tucked underneath it]

I'll have to admit, Paradisa, this is a new one...

[He sighed]

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[Before Pitch starts addressing the Castle at large he can be heard talking to something a bit further away from the journal.]

Here, girl... that's right, good job. Very good. There's a girl-- Ah!

[And now he notices the open journal.]

If any of you would like to see a real live Nightmare, come to the lobby. She's small, but quite impressive.

[And that's where he'll be, playing with his and Wade's "baby" for the weekend-- a shadowy little foal.

He can't wait until nighttime.]

[OOC: Unless Wade stops him, he'll be taking bb!Nightmare out for some test drives tonight. I'm open for plotting in regards to that, if anyone wants him to give their character nightmares! Also, info on what sorts of characters will be able to see/sense him off-journal!]
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( lucky you — you get to miss the overture and first act of this particular arrival in the castle; the eyes opening in a sunlit bedroom that is definitely not anywhere he's ever seen before, the growing confusing that comes with an unfamiliar location, the feelings of unease quickly morphing into an anxious sort of anger. the beginnings of a search for answers, opening doors, looking out windows, searching for any sort of clue and becoming more and more annoyed as one doesn't arrive…

and then finally, act two, Kyon Finds His Journal, which is announced with a drawing of the stage curtains and the completely rational reaction to finding a magic journal of throwing it at the nearest wall as hard as he can. if pressed for a rational explanation, well, uh, 'i was mad' is rational, right? totally.

so here's where you come in, dear audience: a thud and some angry stomping and kyo trying to find a likely looking wall or light fixture or other inanimate object to direct his rage at. )

What the hell is going on here? ( he yells towards stage right, and then there's a kind of crashing noise as a lamp is chosen to receive punishment for the castle's sins. )


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