May. 11th, 2014

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[Sheena's been splitting her time between staying at the house Lloyd built and the Castle ever since she had learned she can change even the size of her room to accommodate the animals she's also keeping an eye on.

This morning, she's in the Castle tending to those animals when she hears a soft thud against her door. Curious, she opens the door and at first glance, thinks she sees the familiar shape of Duke's Minicoid rolling away and then towards her.

Stooping down, she realizes her mistake and can't quite help a rather startled exclamation echoing through the hallway.]

An egg? What the hell is an egg doing knocking on my door?

[What else would you call rolling into her door repeatedly?]


[Having spotted something attached to the egg, she pulls out her journal.]

Private to Duke )

[Then to the Castle-at-large]

Is anyone else finding strange eggs addressed to them in weird places? I have a pretty good idea where it's from, I'm just wondering if there are others.
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[In the past, the Castle had never tried to saddle Spike with magical fake offspring, he thought, with good reason. Then this thing came out of an egg. Apparently it was just waiting on the right inspiration.

That was a day ago, and now that he finally managed to snatch his journal back from some grabby tentacles, he can deal with this like a rational adult. His patience shot, he only flips through a few pages before asking the question that should be on everyone's mind.]

Yeah, yeah, so how do we kill it?
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[Kate had tried. She had really tried to totally ignore the egg. She had ignored it when she'd woken up to find it had appeared on Castle's bed stand. She ignored it when he started poking it excitedly. She ignored it when she came into the room and found it sitting nestled between her pillow and some blankets. She ignored it so much, and with so much of her heart and soul, she was almost sure at some point she would blink and it would simply vanish.

Instead, it hatched.]

Hey. Hey! No, off the bed! Off the bed! What, you want to chew up the other pillow too? How about my shoes? You want one of those, too!

[It takes a moment for Kate to realize her journal is open. Mainly because the small direwolf puppy that hatched is now chewing on the corner, droplets of drool hitting the paper and she swats him to get him away.]

Castle! I swear... [She is going to strangle him. But since her journal is already open, she might as well take some advantage of it.] Does anyone have any... I don't know, dog food?


May. 11th, 2014 07:36 pm
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Well this is just great. An egg. This better not be the flour sack baby incident all over again.

[Danny coughs faintly, as he belatedly realizes that he had opened the journal while still grumbling.]

Um, ignore that? Please.

And this is a strange question, but can anyone tell me who Clow Reed is?  I guess I'm supposed to give this egg to him. Or something.

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[Dairine was in Conan's room, having just recently broken into it. She had meant to chase her friend out of hiding except he wasn't there at the moment. Surprising, but Dairine was pleased. He had been avoiding people too much lately. It wasn't healthy.

Well, while she was here, she might as well wait to see if he'll show up. Taking out her journal she starts a message that she's been meaning to make.


I need to talk to you about something.

[With that done, she begins flipping through the journal as she waits. Suddenly she hears a cracking noise. Looking over at the egg, she can see that it is beginning to hatch. Curious, she walks over, trying to get a closer look. What kind of egg would Conan have around?

That's when the egg break open, revealing a medium-sized, turtle-like creature. Well, turtle was as close as she could describe the creature, which was more like a dome with eyes and seven pairs of stubby legs. It looks almost as if it were made out of layers of pale translucent white glass with thin layers of color mixed within. The glass glowed from some hidden layer deep inside. Kicking it's legs, the creature wobbled a bit before climb out of the egg. It took a few steps over before bumping into her leg.


Oh my god... [Reaching down, she picks the creature up to get a closer look at it, earning a protesting "With!" and numerous kicking legs. There was no denying it. This... was a first generation mobile, the species she had invented. The voice sounds slightly different from the others she knew, but it still had that voice-synthesizer quality to it. She gently puts it down and watches as it starts investigating the room.]

What are you doing here?

[Later she and the mobile can be found out in the yard. It is very curious, trying to run ahead of her constantly. Thankfully she's fast enough to keep up. Anyone outside though might have a glassy turtle come up to them suddenly, moving like a fast wind-up toy. It stares up curiously.]


((All but the filtered message is open to all.))
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Thranduil/this is not actually a journal filter )
[Action | Open]

[Later, you can find Galadriel out on the grounds of the castle, sitting under a tree,watching a little fawn sized unicorn frolicking nearby. The little critter is a curious little thing and, if you're interesting enough, she might even approach- cautiously, of course.]


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