May. 12th, 2014

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[Brock sounds a little miffed, which isn't that unusual, so probably don't mention it.]

Okay, so... if everybody's done yelling about eggs or whatever. I shoulda done this earlier, but, y'know, plans tend to fall by the wayside when physics stop being a thing.

So. If anybody new's shown up since I mentioned this last: Hey, my name's Brock. I'm trying to organize some kind of buddy system where we can help each other out, training on our weaknesses and stuff like that.

We don't got a lot of people who want to learn stuff, but here goes.

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You're under no obligation to follow through with any of this, by the way. If your trainer is a jerk or if you don't like your student, just say see ya later, bro, and I'll match you up with somebody else. Filter me, stop by the cabin, whatever. I'm around.

If you wanna help out or if you wanna learn something, let me know. Or just hit up one of the people I listed. Pretty easy.

[ooc. for organization's sake, i would also appreciate it if you would fill out a thing here if you want to do this thing! yeah!!!]
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[  Silva had slept pretty well last night ... a surprise really given the nightmares. The chinese prison nightmares were pretty standard but the one involving his death in the church was still new and fresh. The face of his killer still blurry and the confusion still irritating him.

As he opens his eyes to the new day he notices something on his pillow that wasn't there last night ... an egg.

And so begins  the staring ... so much staring.

Once he realised this is a thing that is actually happening he leans over to examine it and finds the note. The note really doesn't make things any better.

What on earth was the castle thinking? Silva shakes his head, lets out a frustrated noise and proceeds to get dressed. If they're in this together he's very certain she's not escaping this humiliation.

He takes the egg and makes his way to the Deathmatch. This was going to be a fun little conversation.]

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[London is thumbing through the fancy-looking leather-bound journal that she'd found with her name on it. It's quiet enough as she examines the pages. She'd figured that since the book had her name on it, it must obviously be about her! But for some reason, the intrigue of the journal kept her, even after nothing seemed to make sense.]

This book has nothing to do with me...

[She pauses on a page, covered in particularly interesting handwriting.]


[Perhaps the sound of frantically fluttering pages can be heard; she's tossed the journal into the air and watched it fall to the ground with a papery thud.]

Book?... Did you say something?


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