May. 17th, 2014

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[With an audible thud, a journal falls open just in time to record the sound of a young boy hitting the lobby ground and tumbling across the floor. At the same time, a wooden box also hits the floor, skidding across the lobby away from him. Surprisingly enough, no harm comes to the box.

He groans in pain for a moment as he collects himself, but it only takes him a brief moment. When he speaks, there's hope in his voice, and he begins to laugh a little deliriously.]

We did it. I'm back to normal. Dad! I'm home! I'm back from--

[As he climbs to his feet, there's a gut-sinking realization that begins to settle in, a panicked look across his face.]

No... This isn't--This isn't my house. This isn't Jumanji. What is this? Where am I now? Just send me home, I want to go home!

[Frantic footsteps skid across the lobby once he spots that wooden box. He races toward it and quickly opens it. If anyone is even trying to approach him or calmn him down, they're being completely ignored. Even voices from the journal go unnoticed.]

Come on, come on. Please work, please just send me home. Please, please...

[Opening the box exposes a game board. Alan quickly scoops the dice into his hands and rolls as if his life depends on it. Anyone watching the scene might notice that the game board seems to react on its own to his plays. Alan's eyes widen.]

"You're soon to learn how much is at stake. For now the ground begins to quake."

[Eyes widening in horror, the ground does begin to quake. It shakes all of Paradisa with a low, slow starting rumble that increases intensity with each passing second. Anyone that remembers the first large earthquake to rock Paradisa will notice that this one is just as intense.

Walls begin to crack around the edges, and decorations fall from their places on shelves. The floor strains and groans, until it begins to crack as well. The ground begins to tear apart seemingly directly down the middle, and dust and smoke begin to rise from the crack in the ground that only grows bigger and bigger.

At the same time, the boy who once stood in the middle of the lobby now appears to be dissolving where he stands, and an unseen force pulls him into the green, glowing orb in the center of the board. But the magic of the game doesn't stop there

Any Residents that find themselves in other parts of Paradisa may feel a magical, unresistable pull as well. A foreign energy is pulling at them, tugging them from where they stand. It's pulling them back to the castle, and leaving them in the very rooms they might have first arrived in.

By the time the earthquake stops, there's a very large and very deadly looking chasm that splits the castle precisely in half. Alan Parrish and the board game are nowhere to be found.]

(OOC: PLEASE READ THE SUMMARY FOR DAY ONE! Feel free to react accordingly in this post, or you may make your own posts as well!)


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