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 Rather a strange week, I think.

[Will sounded thoughtful today. He'd found rather a lot to think about with the most recent events.]

Do you know I've never been in a jungle before?  I read about them, of course. Stephen always made them sound very exciting in his letters. All full of strange and marvelous plants and creatures.

[He pauses.]

I do not think they were nearly as marvelous as he always said.
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[ It was completely by accident that he had even remembered.

Something must have triggered it, some random synapse connecting equations, a name, or a date index, something to pull it from memory to bring it forward to now to have him even studying the Gregorian calendar and practising long division. Surprised verification ensued along with the complicated matter of converting Matrix and Gallifreyan dating, Relative Dating, and the Doctor running out of fingers and contemplating carrying the 1.22^6/acorn and the Local Dateline on his toes.

It was only after all that, that he remembered even mentioning it to someone several months ago now and the date itself had still been and gone by at least two months. Not only had he missed the holiday but his own...

Yes, well. Random connecting synapses. Dendrites firing like so many tiny suns gone supernova. The chaotic mind of the Doctor. Better late than never at all?

There's another supernova of the mind, this time like a light-bulb of inspiration, and the Doctor smiles while reaching for his journal and filtering away from the Tenth Doctor. ]

Who would agree that it might be time for a little light relief?

It's the Doctor here, good afternoon. I hope everyone is as well as can be expected and that things are settling down for the time being. As much as we like to be kept busy, I'm sure that we could all use the time to recuperate and get used to the castle being joined in the middle again.

I would also hope that I'm not interrupting but I do have a small request if you would allow me, starting with: HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?

[ He starts to sketch in a picture as he talks - it's a pretty good likeness. Ideally he'd like to use a camera to catch a funny-face and slap that in the journal instead, but that's pushing his luck a bit too far and he's hoping to avoid threats or a cause to enter his next regeneration early. ]

Now, for those of you that don't know, this is... a friend of mine, and for where he comes from there is a holiday that I'm afraid I have been rather remiss of mentioning on his behalf. By about two months. Yes, I know. It's been a busy two months. A bit of a boring holiday really, nothing special, but Otherstide does entail the giving of... Celery.

[ Absolutely it does. Except it doesn't. ]

All right, no, perhaps that's not quite strictly traditional, no. Gift giving however is definitely a tradition of this holiday, and my request is that if you see him... He would really appreciate the gift of celery.

[ Definitely. Probably. Maybe? ]

... Right. Not conventional, I know, and it is entirely possible that he won't like it at all, but certainly it is a gesture of goodwill, one that I will be practising when I see him also. I do hope that after the upheaval we have had of late that some of you would be kind enough to join me in this gentle venture. You know what they say, it's the thought that counts...

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