May. 28th, 2014

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The Doctor, the older for those that know there are two – John Smith for those who don’t, was in search of something very, very important.

The TARDIS had been searched high and low. No pot, cubby, or planter had been left unchecked at least twice.

When that most reasonable locations had yielded no results he’d also checked the console room – both of them, his room, the library, the laboratory, and the Zero Room for good measure. He even took a couple of rooms out of storage just to be sure.

Still, none could be found.

The thought had crossed his mind to wish for some but he wasn’t quite that desperate… yet. To trust the Castle with something this important was always a gamble, but after the events of the past week, he felt it even less in his favor of having it arrive successfully.

Now in the Castle kitchen he searched the cupboards and drawers.

Frustrated, he pulled the journal from his pocket and asked, “Why can I not find any?!”

[OOC: In relation to Five’s post A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention. Which of course Ten knows nothing about. ;P Feel free to approach him anywhere along his route or interrupt his search of the kitchen or via the journal.]

Subject Quote is from Albert Einstein
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Last week sure was different. I had no idea plants could grow indoors like that. And so fast too!

They weren't very fun plants though...

[No, they were very scary and rude plants. Same with the animals, but she would rather not think about them at all.]

Hey, do you think we could have plants indoors all the time?


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