May. 29th, 2014

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Hey... anyone seen any weird stuff happen since the castle got put back together? I'm not going out if I'm gonna just get attacked by wild monkeys or fall into some kind of bottomless pit!

[She doesn't know or care how all the weird things that happened were connected or the details of what actually did happen, she's just glad it seems to be over! With her birthday rapidly approaching, she's super wary of what the castle might do to mess with her this year. But hey, maybe if she gets lucky, it'll be tired after all of this nonsense and won't even bother.

Well, whatever's going on, she's not about to announce it to the rest of the castle yet. Juuust in case. But back to the topic at hand!]

Ugh, at least we had the laundry room, but how come the other side got all the good places?! If everything's back to normal now, I'm going to the kitchen for some breakfast and then the pool or something! ... Maybe the four seasons tower, if anyone wants to join me there? I don't care which room, as long as it's not my room.

[Consider that your (somewhat annoyed and frustrated) invitation, Paradisa. Even with everything else on her side of the castle, being locked out of most of her regular haunts on top of weird things happening was driving her crazy all week! She might even go out into town later! Just because she can. Maybe she'll even run into you, wherever she goes?]

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Well, the past week was certainly... interesting to say the least. I am sure we can all agree on that.

Which I think means we could all do with a bit of cheering up. I recall a suggestion made by my friend Galadriel, and I decided that this Saturday I would host a small version of a festival in my world, called the Fire-Flower Festival. Two days is not enough to create something very extravagant, but I thought a little wishing in the gardens could make us a grand, small place to enjoy ourselves and not worry to much of anything for awhile. 

Feel free to wear whatever you like, and the Festival itself shall be from sunset until, well, the last of us leaves, I suppose.

[ This is clearly the right and proper response to the undue amount of stress that Castle likes to put them through, right? ]


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