Jun. 15th, 2014

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So, Meg? We need to put a sign behind the bar or somewhere that reads "NO INDULGING STUPID IDEAS WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK".

Because the outfits? Yeah.

I'm stuck now.

[Castle is now on a different temporary loss where he's stuck inside a cheap knockoff My Little Pony kigurumi/footie pajama outfit, the idea of which he came up with while drunk. Oopsie.]
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Spike Spiegel )

[And, sometime later, Brock dictates to the journal. Spike can perhaps be heard in the background bitching about animals, like he does.]

Hypothetical question. How do you sober up a handful of half-ton animals. Like... mammals, specifically.


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Jun. 15th, 2014 08:59 pm
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[This afternoon Gren can be found sitting at the bar of the Lux, his winter coat slung over the stool next to him and his boots slowly dripping slush onto the floor.]

I was starting to think my place could use some air conditioning, but this might be a little much...

[Still, his tone seems more bemused than anything]

Ah well. At least it means hot drinks are back in.

[Accordingly, the mug he's got his hands around is brimming some artfully spiked hot chocolate topped with a pile of marshmallows.]

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[ Winter was not Ashura's season. He preferred to stay wrapped up somewhere warm, and if he could have hibernated, he would. That there was an interruption to the heat-soaked bliss that was summer, well, that did not sit well with him, irritated him in fact. It almost felt like this prank was a personal attack on him, though he knew that was foolish. His agitation moved him up the stairs and out into the cold on the roof of the Castle, which seemed to be going against his want to stay warm, but he had reasons.

It was easy enough to use his Talent to melt the snow around him in a large circle, making a damp, but clear space for him to practice. He took a distinct sort of pleasure in melting the snow besides, putting a whole different fire in his belly. 

Ashura spent the next several hours working through the movements of his sword style - dance-like, but precise and deadly when used in combat. That he paired it with flashes of fire - whips, bursts of heat, walls of flame, even claws on his hands, was all part of that same dance. That he had on winter clothing made it a bit harder, but he was glad for the practice in such clothes, just in case something happened turing this little twist the Castle had thrown at them. He would be more surprised if nothing happened than not, though one could hope...

When he had finished, he turned and headed back down into the Castle, his body steaming as the heat from his fire dried out his clothing and hair, moist from the falling snow and the continuous puddle he had been working in. Not at all abnormal, was it? Maybe a little. 

As he walked he brought his journal, for of course it would be there, even if he had not wanted it to be there. ]

I think I shall take tea in the library with a rather large, warm fire if anyone wishes to join me. I could always use new book recommendations.

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