Jun. 17th, 2014

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Alright, who changed the seasons up? I was actually starting to enjoy the summer. It's a lot more sun here than back home. But what the 'eck, Christmas in June? That's bullocks. This place is messed up, seriously!
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At the risk of sounding either obvious or like a downer, I would like to remind everyone that, while the out-of-season snow is unusual, it is still the same as any other snowfall. That is, it is no excuse to engage in reckless behavior and get yourself seriously hurt.

Have fun, but be safe, please. The clinic is still open to treat any injuries regardless, but we would prefer that nobody break any bones.

[Post is open to clinic action, or elsewhere in the castle if you'd like your character to kiss Simon.]
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 [There were a lot of people Conan did not want to talk to right now. He really did not want to talk to any of the people who had run into him during the last week. 

At least not until he had figured out how he was going to handle damage control. He had to figure out how to convince everyone that had run into young Shinichi Kudo that he was nothing more than a distant cousin to Conan Edogawa.

He hadn't figured out a convincing way of doing this yet.

And so today Conan seizes on the excuse of the snow to avoid everyone. He snatches up his snowboard and scribbles down a quick childish note in the journal.] 

I'm going to go play outside, okay?

[And with that he heads out the door. Feel free to run into him anywhere on the way out.]


Jun. 17th, 2014 09:29 pm
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I've always liked snow. [Will was sounding a little thoughtful today.]

Its the way it covers everything and makes the whole world look like something new, I think.

[He laughs slightly.]

But enough thinking. Would anyone like to go hiking in it with me? I was thinking of going to the forest.


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