Jun. 24th, 2014

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Filtered to Dr. Keller )

[With that message sent away Aaron too Clyde outside for a walk and to play some fetch. He can be found outside of the castle together with his German Shepard. Be aware though as Clyde isn't leashed. The guard dog may bark at you but other than that it's a kind dog.]
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[ With the summer snows now gone, Ashura was both much happier and found the perfect opportunity to translate his left over fire flowers. They usually grew on trees, but they could survive for quite awhile simple in water which made them preferred plants for house hold decoration (in controlled quantities of course, there was no sense in destroying them for vanity's sake). 

He was out in the gardens, wishing up a pedestal at one of the intersection of paths, and placed a tiered bowl of water in the center. Carefully, he began to arrange the flowers across the tiers. His journal lay open on the spare space of the pedestal as he worked, never far from him - or anyone, it seemed. ]

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am glad the unseasonable snows are gone. I was almost out of hot chocolate and tea, which would have been disastrous. 

If anyone missed the little festival I held a few weeks ago, I am putting out the remaining flowers in the garden. Please, feel free to take one if you wish, though I advise that keeping it in water will prolong its life a bit more. 


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