Jun. 27th, 2014

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[If anyone walks into the kitchen, they will spot an unfamiliar teenager rifling through the kitchen cabinets. A coffee craft sits next to the sink filled with water, and the young brunette manages to knock a bag of coffee out of one of the cabinets, powdering it all across the counter.]

Oh crap.

[Her journal is open on the counter next to her, recording every frustrated grunt and mumble. Although residents of the castle might not recognize her, Kate Beckett is no stranger to the castle at all - even though she remembers it as a confused seventeen year old and not as a grown adult.]

Ugh, is there anyone around here that knows how to work the freaking coffee machine? I cannot do today without some caffeine.

[As it happens, even as a teenager, Kate still can't make a decent cup of coffee. She also happens to be experiencing her first temporary loss.]
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(Tylendel is laying in the grass, staring up at the sky for anyone who happens to walk outside. There is a dreamy, thoughtful look on his face.)

I've been wondering for awhile if the castle is a weird sort of after-life. I know not everyone remembers dying, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Death is a shock. I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to forget it.

(Sometimes - well, most of the time - he wishes he could forget his own end.)

Dreams come to life here - and nightmares. I'll take the nightmares if my dreams can come true.

(He sits up and examines the ring on his left hand. Then he shakes his hair out of his eyes.)

I might be in the minority, but I'm glad I came here. Even if the weather changes abruptly.

(A chuckle follows that last bit.)
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[Castiel has been back in Paradisa for about an hour, and he used that hour figuring out exactly what had happened. The rush of returning memories and the 'synching' of experiences is disorienting, and once he realizes he's in Paradisa he finds himself a quiet corner of the Castle's grounds to gather his thoughts.

It's a dangerous thing to do, stopping to think, because of everything that had just happened at him and everything he still needs to do. He'd successfully broken the angel tablet but Gadreel is dead, and Castiel doesn't know if he's managed to give Dean and Sam the time they need to kill Metatron. It's difficult to go from hyperfocus to suddenly doing nothing at all, and every part of him feels like he should be doing something.

But he's in an entirely different world now, and he has to shift his attention. He needs to figure out how much time has passed since he was here last, who he knows that is still here and who has gone, if Meg...

He decides to use his journal rather than going wandering the Castle, because it's only belatedly that he remembers his loss. It's jarring, unsettling, and gives him pause again; still, he's soon writing a simple entry into his journal, saying only what he has to in order to try to get the response he's looking for.]

This is Castiel. I've returned.

Who is still here?


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