Jul. 10th, 2014

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[She waited for the impact of the sword, arm raised and eyes shut tight.
After a few seconds, Anna realizes that her ex-fiancé probably hasn’t killed her. Or she didn’t feel any kind of sword or pain. She’s still cold all around though.
Terrified, she opens one eye slightly. Then the next eye, already preparing what she was going to say to Hans. The exact words aren’t there but she knows there’ll be yelling, that’s for sure. Lots of yelling. Once she realizes she’s no longer on the frozen waters, she blinks in surprise; eyes wide. This isn’t the same scene. This isn’t the same place. It doesn’t even look like the same kingdom!
What once was a whiteout, snow all around, is now a foyer. And not even the foyer she's slid in over the years.

Where the heck am I?

Ice didn’t cover her skin anymore. Wait, did that mean she found her act of true love? Was saving Elsa what saved her?
All sorts of scenarios rush through her head.
One scenario was that she’s dead and this is some sort of afterlife. She died, and it’s all Hans’ fault. And to think, she was going to marry him. Ew. He wasn’t even that handsome. Those sideburns were ugly. Well, maybe it was the eyes. Alright, it was definitely the eyes.
Seeing as she could hear her heart beat, ice wasn’t covering her and she wasn’t cut in half, Anna rules being dead out.
Her mind wanders to kidnapped princesses. Yeah, that was reasonable.

Kidnapping happened to princesses often enough.

Panic sets in. That means… If she’s here, then where’s…?]


[She spins around, looking for any sign of her sister. A journal, the room and its furniture is all she can see.
Anna silently begs for a sign. Some snow, blonde hair, ice, anything…]



If Prince Jerk of the Jerky Isles did kill her, she really didn’t want to hear an answer from Elsa to be honest.
She wraps her cloak closer to her, feeling cold as ever. She starts to walk, hoping to find some answers.]


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