Aug. 12th, 2014

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[High afternoon finds the wizard lounging in a chair he's drug into the lobby of Chimera headquarters. The pair of doors opening outside to the balcony are swung wide open to let in what little breeze can be found at this altitude, but it's something. Although it doesn't really change the fact that he is hot and sweating and his hair is becoming like some kind of wild thing. Better to stay sequestered up here where not too many people will see him.

His other strategy to keeping cool has been copious amounts of cold liquids, but when he gets tired of going downstairs to fetch more ice he experiments with cooling his pitcher of lemonade with magic. Which fails. Repeatedly.

Normally I would not bother to complain about the castle's whims, pointless as it often is, but this is a particularly special version of cruel.

[Moisture spreads on the edges of the page where his fingers had been touching condensation, but it quickly dries.]

By the way, is it just me, or is anyone capable of cold-based magic at the moment? I am not sure if something is interfering or if it's simply this weather ruining my concentration. I admit it's not a specialty of mine.
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[As the weather got hotter, Sugar was doing her best to keep things cool. Yesterday she could be found in the lobby conjuring snowflakes in a tiny patch for anyone to sit or walk through. Sure they melted quickly, but it was still cold and refreshing in this heat.

Today is different. Sugar had flown down to the same spot to create the magic snow again. But when she plays her piccolo no magic happens. She keeps playing to no avail, until eventually she flops down on the lobby table, exhausted from her efforts and the heat.]

Why isn't it working?!


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