Aug. 23rd, 2014

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[The Wendigo is a clever creature, capable of both immense speed and stealth. It can imitate human voices to near perfection, a hunting technique it uses to draw out the love ones of its victims for one simple purpose: more food. To that end, it finds the Tenth Doctor's journal quite useful. Late Friday night, residents of Paradisa are treated to its best rendition of the dear Doctor's own death.]

No! Don't come any closer... Save yourselves... Run! RUN!!! ARGH!!!!!

Hey you! Yes you, you ugly thing. You don't want them... I'm a Time Lord... Much more tastier than them. I have time running through my veins! Humans will give you indigestion.

[Grunt... Hiss... Grunt... Gasp... Muffled Cry... Moan...] Gu-AHH! ARGH!!!! ARRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

[Some time passes, and when the Wendigo goes back out to wander the woods, it leaves the journal sitting open in the small, dark cave. As the night wears on, the voices of Serin and Conan can be heard, semi conscious and struggling.

The sounds of movement and exertion from Serin are few and far between. She feels like she's fourteen again, body broken and throbbing from the failed augmentations. As it was, she could feel broken bones now; cracked ribs, fractured arm. It's come from a struggle with the monster and the following days in restraint. She'd learned the tricks to resisting torture, to keep sensitive intel from leaking, but this was something different. She knew whatever had captured her wasn't interested in the UNSC's darkest secrets, ONI's dirtiest lies. Still, familiarity brought her comfort, and the moments she found enough strength to speak she did.

Rear Admiral Serin Osman, Office of Navel Intelligence, service number 39489-72738-SO ...

[The first thing Conan is aware of is pain.

It stabs through him, clouding his mind and awareness. But even in a half-conscious state, the awareness that something was wrong is enough to rouse him. He groans as he forces his mind to work through the pain and drowsiness.

Dully, he begins to assemble the clues. Dark. Cold, but with a scent of dampness. Nothing below him, and the pressure of restraints suspending him from the ceiling.

A cave... And a kidnapping. But why?
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[The voices started that morning. Echoes of a conversation that had long haunted him.

'I won't do it'
'But that's where you're wrong. You will do it.'

The violation he'd committed in a fit of fury. And his brother had paid the price.

He tried to ignore it, given the events unfolding in the castle. One dead. Maybe even more. And so far they'd been able to do nothing. Especially since whatever foe they were now facing had not lingered or allowed itself to be seen. He had started Chimera in part to prevent this kind of tragedy, and it only added to the guilt that was weighing on him.

Chimera members. This is one of those situations I have warned you about. We have lost people already and I am afraid it will be only the start. Whatever wards or protections you can muster, do it, and if you cannot do that, then try to discover the cause. I will...I will personally be placing additional wards on Chimera headquarters...

[A drop of blood fell onto the journal page, and he pauses to press a cloth to his face.]

Do not travel alone. Any of you.
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[Filtered away from those who mean the resident's harm]

[Not long after the search party is attacked and some of its numbers are snatched away, Dairine opens the journal. Her voice is serious, hiding her fear quite well. Unless someone personally knows her, they probably won't even notice it from voice alone.]

Guys, we have a problem. A big one.

Something grabbed two people from our group in the woods, Conan Edogawa and the Doctor. It was tall, humanoid, but with large ears and a surplus of teeth. Also fast. We don't know if it is responsible for what happened in the castle, but since we have already lost one resident, we can't afford to take chances. [She is NOT letting one of her friends get torn apart like that.]

I'm going to be in the library to see if we can learn what we're dealing with. If you can help or want extra safety, you can join me. Once we know what this is, we'll need another search party ready to retrieve them. I can't guarantee it'll go smoothly so for the love of all the Powers, do not join this group unless you have some kind of fighting experience.

Also, whatever is preying on us might have kidnapped more people that I didn't see. If you've noticed anyone else missing lately, please mention it. We need to keep an eye out for each other until this is over.


Neets, I need your help. [Normally she'd be loath to make such an admission, but this is an emergency.]

Bring your Manual. Our wizard's holiday is over.

((Research and gathering for the plot. Library section will be open shortly.))
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[Things are obviously going all wrong, and while Howl is a consummate coward, even he isn't going to just find someplace to hide while something threatens the castle's residents. He has abilities, and he's going to use them to the best of his abilities.

But he's also not being exactly cautious. Call him overconfident, perhaps, but he's not concerned about his safety. Which is why he's out this evening, by himself, chalk in hand, working his way through the building chalking wards on doorways. There's no way of knowing whether they'll work here, of course, but it's the best he can do without more information]

I'm putting some wards out. No idea how effective they'll be, but at this point, it can't possibly hurt. So don't be alarmed if you find your doorway has some new decorations.


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