Aug. 25th, 2014

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[Since Dairine dicovered it in the library, the contents of John Winchester's journal has been the subject of study and discussion. It's extensive, though, covering decades of information and accounts of the Winchester family business - saving people, hunting things. A brief selection from 2005 that was clearly added in a different hand than much of the original text mysteriously appears in every resident's journal, reading the following:]

Ft. Wayne, Indiana - Bloody Mary

A.K.A. Mary Worthington. Local Beauty Queen. Wannabe Actress.

3/29 - someone broke into her apartment and murdered her, cutting her eyes out with a knife. In her final moments, she tried to write the name of her assailant but only got around to write T-R-E which local cops suspected was Trevor Sampson, a surgeon. He was never brought in.

After her death, her spirit lingered on and lived in the mirror in front of which she had died. She went along with the mirror everywhere and while haunting it, killed all those who kept gruesome secrets by gouging out their eyes when someone says "Bloody Mary" three times in front of any mirror and sets her off.

She nearly took us out, but at the last minute we flipped the mirror around on her and she bled out just like the rest of her victims. Good riddance, bitch.

[A picture accompanies the text, imprinted at the bottom corner of the page. Those who have already encountered the mirrors might find her bloody tears oddly familiar...]

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[Filtered away from anyone who wants the residents harm.]

[The issue with his own background was the lack of defensive skills. He could throw a punch but not cast magic or use a gun. So he had to do what he had to do. There's just one issue.]

Could anyone help me out with putting up chains and other stuff in my room? I can't use tools because of my bloody loss.


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