Sep. 5th, 2014

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[Filtered to: friends, allies, acquaintances, and any others who would worry:]

Forgive my silence these past few days and my silence in the days to come. As a great many of you know, I was not untouched by recent events. Be reassured, I have recovered, for the most part. I need only time to regain composure and sense of myself.

[Dairine and Will]

[Don't think that she hasn't been paying attention to what's going on- both through the journals and in the form of what magics she can sense. She knows. And it bears commenting on, even if a brief message is all she really has the energy for.]

Well done, my friends. I am proud of you both.

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[That's all there is to say about that, as far as he's concerned. He'd stayed far out of the way during most of that debacle, save for curiously checking out the first death. Once it became clear that the killings and kidnappings were being done by something more powerful than him, he got the hell out of Dodge.]

Maybe next time you'll pay attention to what those quiet downtimes might mean, rather than getting annoyed with me for pointing them out.
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[ All the "spooky" things might be gone, but it does not mean that their effects have quiet left every resident of Paradisa.

Ashura had found himself stricken blind upon his return to the land of the living, and the effect had lingered - stubbornly so. Each night he had gone to bed and hoped in the morning he would wake to colors and light, but all to no avail. He did his best not to let it effect him to much, but it was difficult to go about daily life without a major sense you had always been with. One would think it would be easy to traverse the space between bed and bath without sight, having done it numerous times in the dark and sleepy and other things - but no, it was not. More aware of the darkness, more than anything, he consistently found himself with a hand outstretched, and thought he resembled nothing so much as a toddling child from time to time.

And today was not very different, though he was trying to keep his dignity when it happened. The gardens were lovely things, but he did not know them as well as he thought he did given his current state of physical ability.  He found himself knocking into pots or bumped trees and benches...

And the worst was when he fell into the hedge. He turned what he supposed to be a corner if he remembered right based on the bench he had just paused at to try and get bearings, and instead of turning, he had caught himself on foliage and promptly found himself collapsed into it, silks and all. He huffed, not finding the purchase to get himself up gracefully and slumped, inwardly bemoaning himself.

Hopefully no one came around the corner to see the mess of a king... ]


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