Sep. 14th, 2014

21st slide

Sep. 14th, 2014 01:00 pm
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[Wade wasn't exactly a genius, but she could tell that the voices, once they had started, were concentrated pretty heavily in high-traffic areas. That made the kitchen an unusually chatty place, like eating in a crowded diner. Except, you know, one where all the patrons were invisible.

The dining room, by comparison, is quieter. Or maybe it's just more noise spread over a larger space. Either way, she decides to settle here for breakfast today. She's maybe halfway through her toast and coffee when the snippet of a conversation catches her attention. She sets down her mug and walks closer to the wall to see if she can hear it clearer.

'That's how I ended up with a tattoo of a aardvark on my boob.'

She can't help but laugh, perplexed as she was amused.

There has been some really strange people in this castle...

[However, as she listens, the conversations rather suddenly becomes completely unfunny.

'Through your death, he shall rise again.'

Oh my god...I think someone was murdered in here.

[Appetite suddenly lost]
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[She hadn't been trying to hear things, but clearing the walls were resonating with the past of this place. Somethings were mildly amusing, others were down right awful. What she didn't expect was the sound of an unnaturally happy family gathering. Come on in Lavernius, let me get your coat. Allison is just in the kitchen.]

What the...

Hey gotta hear this. [She couldn't help herself, she laughed and leaned against the wall, listening and moving to try and center in on the sound.]


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