Sep. 15th, 2014

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[Voices... too many voices, all around. Rise hasn't sensed anything like this before outside of the TV world, and certainly never in the castle. At first, she thought it was just her abilities... but she's not picking up any signals with Kanzeon.]

Wh-... what the hell?!

[... Oh. Rise hasn't sounded this upset over the journals in... well, ever. It's just too much. Unfamiliar and familiar voices, everywhere she turns. In a way, it's nice... nostalgic. She can remember the new friends she made that have already gone back to their own worlds.

But unfortunately, that's not where it ends for her. There's other voices... of friends from home, especially Chie, Yukiko and Nanako. Echoes of times she doesn't remember at all with them. And that Adachi, too... god, how long was he even here?!

It's all turning the nostalgia sour far too quickly, and she's getting sick of it!]

Stupid castle... this isn't fair!!!

[There's a huff and the sound of an annoyed girl pushing out a chair and walking away. But the journal's still open, and she can't have gone far or left a room. She's just... annoyed, and not sure how to let off steam anymore.]
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[ The restored library is full of voices - he hears quite a bit of himself. ... Quite a bit of flustered voices, given the unfortunate winter month.

It also caught his spell names, the conversations with Felix that day and later that night.

Two questions, the second tied deeply into the first.

Is anyone else hearing voices? [ He slept a lot yesterday, okay? ]

And is anyone who hears voices bleeding from the eyes?

[ ... The whispering just reminds him of the creatures that attacked him. It makes focusing on the book he'd gone to the library for hard, and so he starts to head out of the castle.

Maybe that garden house won't have any words in it.


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