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[Perched on a rock just to the side of the road that led into town, Wade felt peaceful for the first time in months. The air was cool and sweet-smelling, the colors of the trees were beautiful, and she was pleasantly full from a lunch of an apple tart from one of the street vendors and the hard cider she was still halfway through nursing.

She opens up the journal to the sound of town traffic - a horse cart and the distant sound of children laughing as they played games in the orchard.

This is...nice. As much time as we all spend resenting the place, it's hard to appreciate the little things. We all needed a break from the usual.

If you haven't been down to town yet, you should come see it. It's so perfect. Reminds me a little bit of those fall carnivals we used to go to when I was little. All it's missing is a hay ride.

What do you guys usually do for fall? Any kind of holidays or traditions?
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So...who knows how to get applesauce out of advanced armor suits? Cause you step in a dozen apples and let me tell you that smell does not go away.
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Having partaken of the fruit gifted to us and not having come down with some horrid disease or hallucination, I thought it might be fun to try all the ways one might enjoy these apples. The library was most helpful, and I have commandeered the kitchen for my experiments. If anyone would like, I invite you to come down and try them. I have everything from pies, to tarts, to some sweet candy coating the books have declared a delicious treat when paired with an apple. 

[ His invitation made, Ashura put the journal aside and went to gather himself a plate and partake of his creations. Well, he had not really created them, he had wished them up because Ashura was not really a good hand at things like baking. He had learned, over the years, to make a few small meals for himself, but the delicacy of a pastry was beyond him. But no need to tell anyone, correct?

If anyone stopped in, they would find the main table of the kitchen covered in sweets of all sorts, with apple as the main ingredient, and the king happily munching away with bits of more than one on his plate at a time. He seemed to be favoring the pies, though. ]


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