Oct. 7th, 2014

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[Many people will recognize who this is by the fact that a song begins to play without spoken preamble - a soft saxophone number - that continues all the way to the end before he speaks up. Gren isn't exactly a shy person, but the music always spoke better than he could, and it seemed like the best way he begin what comes next]

It's been a long time, folks. Almost three years, for me, but there's something I gotta do. I have to go, and I'm not sure I'm gonna come back.

[It had taken some time for him to discover that Spike had beat feet into the Dead Zone, and not very long after that for Vicious to decide he was going to follow, and Gren wasn't going to get left behind for anything. Maybe it was time. The castle had given him some gifts that were beyond priceless, and given him wounds he'd never recover from. Such was life.]

My room will still be open to anyone. If anything, someone might want to take care of the lizard. Consider him the mascot.

[There's a faint clicking sound as he slides his saxophone into the case and closes it]

Thanks for everything and watch out for each other. That's all we really have to hold onto.

[And, with that, Gren will hang about for a little while longer before he shoves the journal into his bag, which is loaded with supplies and clothes. Wearing a long coat against the early fall chill, the musician pulls the heavy pack onto his back and begins what will be his last trek down into the lobby to meet his comrade.]
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Well I'm out of the clinic now at least. For anyone who bothers.

Y'know I thought today would pass like any ordinary day even if it isn't. The castle didn't want to play along though. Really getting sick of it. I have already got hit with a loss, I didn't need another. If anyone needs me then don't bother. I'll be in my room.


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