Oct. 22nd, 2014

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 [ It is an odd feeling, waking up in a bathtub when you do not remember going there in the first place. An even odder feeling is the realization that you have a bottom half, but it is not quite as you remember - heavier, longer. At the least, Ashura felt warm, so there was that. It made it a bit hard to come fully away though and truly contemplate the fact he was in the bath and his bottom half did not feel right.

When he did finally muster up the energy, though, he almost wished he had not. 

For you see, Ashura's bottom half was now made of a muscular fish tail complete with scales of orange and red, his fins diaphanous and flowing, like silks. The end of it hung out over the edge of his claw foot tub, and after some experimentation Ashura was indeed very sure that it was his lower half and not some odd costume he had been stuffed into. Oh dear.

A glance to the side where a small table sat to keep shampoos, oils, and other things also held his journal. Of course it did. He glanced down at his new body again and sighed. What else could he do? He had no levitation magic - more the pity.

Wet hands grabbed the journal and opened the pages, noting that his hands were now slightly webbed. Shaking his head, dripping water across the pages, he began - ] 

Good morning, everyone. This is Ashura speaking. If it would not be to much trouble, I need someone to come to my aid in my chambers, please. It is... not completely urgent, but I would appreciate haste.

[ In other words, someone please come soon or he might have to try doing something most undignified. ]


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