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Case #06. Wut.


[One day, nearly a fortnight ago, Miles Edgeworth disappeared from Cair Paradisa to seek temporary, reclusive solace at a hotel in the City Royale. He alerted no one of this little vacation, and ceased all communication with everyone - be it through the journals, or otherwise...

...but he's back - however unintentionally - and not in any way he could have ever foreseen. His clothes - remnants of a white undershirt and reddish-pink pajama-bottoms - are in scorched tatters. 

In one hand, there's a 4.5 ft. baguette. In the other, a machine gun...A gumball machine gun.

...and with that, he is chasing a massive growlithe around the castle grounds. 

Perhaps you're one of the unfortunate souls to witness this. After all, there is a perfectly rational explanation.


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This is too hilarious to pass up 8'D

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[ Kirby is just taking a leisurely stroll when he sees the human creature and dog-like creature run by. Thinking this was a game of some sort, he chased Edgeworth ]

Poyoyo~! [ he exclaims, ecstatic ]
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Hello~ :'D

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[ Kirby speeds up, supposing maybe this was tag! So, of course, he had to tag him! The puffball leaps, intending to land on the poor guy's head ]
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oh god I literally just died laughing XDDD

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[ Kirby hangs on to poor Edgeworth's head for dear life, not wanting to fall off ]

Poyooooooooooooooooo! [ he whines, not liking this game too much anymore. Now it was more a matter of staying unhurt! ]
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[ Kirby grips at the man's hair, pulling slightly at an attempt to hold on, before finally, Edgeworth flails enough to knock him off ]

Poyooo! [ he cries as he falls to the ground and rolls a little, nearing the runaway Growlithe. He was quite sad the weird-looking half-burnt man with bread didn't want to play. ]
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[ And then realized he had bread. His mouth waters and eyes sparkle. FOOD! ]

... POYO!?
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[ Kirby's distracted momentarily by the Growlithe suddenly licking his face. He can't help but laugh, flailing his stubby little arms a little. ]

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[ Kirby finally stops laughing to look at Edgeworth, smiling that cute little smile ]

Poyo? [ he inquires, pointing to the bread. All of this fuss has worked up his appetite, after all! ]
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[ Kirby was running towards Edgeworth, glad he was offering it, but then suddenly -- ]

... Poyo? [ he asks, a bit disappointed as Edgeworth pulled the bread away. He stopped in his tracks, wondering why giving him food wasn't a good idea? Because it was the best idea. The best idea EVER. ]
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[ Kirby blinks, rather bewildered by Edgeworth's attempt at simplifying the whole issue, before nodding. He wanted to tell Edgeworth he understood... ]

Bad. [ he clumsily repeats. ] Bad... br...bread, poyo. [ is internally proud of his terrible attempt at English ]

[[ ooc: I'm laughing uncontrollably oh my god ]]
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[ Kirby has never eaten a scone before, but it sounds delicious! ]

Poyo! [ he says happily, walking towards Edgeworth, in case they really would eat scones at his place. He gives the man an expectant look, waiting for him to stand and lead the way to his place, where lovely food was waiting ] Poyo~

[[ ooc: Your Edgeworth is hilarious. Also amazing. /basks in the fanning ]]
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[ Kirby laughs at the Growlithe's snout nosing him - he was pretty ticklish - and hops onto the creature's back, petting its fur in awe. It was so soft! ] Poyoo....

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