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Moving Out (Sort of)

[Filter to Carson]

Remember you once asked anyone if they wanted to go fishing? I think now is a perfect time for that. 

[/End filter]
[In the meantime, while he waits for Carson to get back to him on that - 

He has taken up residence away from the Castle. Sorry, but poisonous lobsters running about? Really? He has dealt with some strange and scary things before, but after the 29th day, the eclipse business, Paris - he has just had enough of this Castle for the moment. 

So Vanyel has made himself a small camp not to far from the Castle, about midway between it and the village. Yfandes is of course there with him, and she quite agrees with this camping business only because it is spring and the weather is lovely and she too is worried and tired of shenanigans.

Vanyel is sitting cross-legged on a blanket, a small pot over a fire, making himself some soup whilst his Companion doses beneath the shade of a nearby tree, and the journal out beside him as always, like a loyal dog.

Already it's ten times better than the Castle - for now.]

I think perhaps it is time to renew the search for a way home.

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I've heard this name before. Might as well say a drive-by hi. :D

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[Sorry to disturb your peace, comes a large growlithe towards you. She walks about, sniffing the ground until the camp catches her attention, and, sensing no apparent evil, she cheerfully walks on over to inspect the camp and its inhabitants. She is her master's only effective way of being sociable friendly, exhibiting neither hostility nor fear...and she seems simultaneously interested in the smell of food and that 'Companion' of yours, since other non-humans tend to make great playmates and she happens to think that her owner's boring as all hell sometimes...]
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You know it. :> [.5]

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[Cue the unfortunate soul searching for his lost puppy. He's surveying his surroundings quietly, much too far at the moment to notice the camp, but perhaps you'll notice the bright pink wine-coloured suit in the distance, considering it's definitely not suited for camouflage.

He'll happen upon it, eventually...]

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[In the meantime, the growlithe happily hops on over -FOOD?FOOD?FOOD?Awwwwnofoodfuck.- and seeing as though his hand is empty, she resorts to licking it in greeting, instead.]
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Good for spreading the gay? XD

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[She walks around in a circle before sitting and gazing off in the general direction where she left Edgeworth. He's still a tiny figure in the distance, but she's more interested in introducing herself. She shakes herself - a jingle can be heard emanating somewhere from beneath her fur. She paws at her shaggy neck, partially revealing a collar - well, more like a necklace than your standard collar. There's a tag affixed to it bearing the word, Veritas, and underneath, the initials, 'M.E.'

She raises her head triumphantly. She's pretty damn proud of her new collar.]
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I meant in regards to these two, but pfft Felix can spread all the gay all by himself. <3

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[She yips in response to the greeting, then sniffs and paws softly at Yfandes' face in a playful gesture.]
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[She wags her tail. So, while the two are being cute animals together or something, Edgeworth trudges slowly to the camp's general direction. Vera notices and bellows her loud, distinctive bark to get his attention. His head sharply turns to the direction of the camp, and he pauses.

Oh, look. She's bothering someone. Again.

...He takes a few steps closer. He is still quite a bit of distance away, so gestures her to come to him. She stays put.]

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[He walks closer, having not heard that in its entirety. ]

I beg your pardon?
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...That would be me, yes.

[Hoshit. Being friendly and sociable is Edgey's Achilles Heel. Edgeworth grabs his shoulder in his usual sign of unease.]

...My sincerest apologies for the disturbance.
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[He smiles back - or, at least, he tries to, but it comes out more like an unfortunate twitch at the side of his mouth. He focuses his gaze moreso on the animals than the man before him.]

She is...certainly something.
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[personal profile] cantacquityou 2012-03-23 04:12 am (UTC)(link)'re more than welcome to her, if you'd like.

[Both growlithe and master know that was jest. Upon being nudged, Veritas languidly complies, but not without a little sad face. She wanted to plaaaay. :(]

Come, Veritas.

[His eyes flicker towards Vanyel's face momentarily, then back to Vera. Handsome fellow. No matter, however, because as far as he's's time to hightail it outta here before the awkward kills him. Miles is just not good at small talk.]

Well, then...
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...Have a pleasant evening.

[She barks happily. He then walks on, followed by his own little 'companion.']