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Son Goku • 孫悟空 ([personal profile] goldencirclet) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2012-04-05 12:29 am
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seventeen meatbuns -dictated-

I got all these monkey poky-mons and they're awesome! It's so funny that they keep saying their names all the time. If I was a poky-mon I'd say 'Goku' all the time!

Chim! Chimchar!

That's Chimchar. His butt is on fire!

[So much giggles. What, he's a kid.]

[Filtered from Apollo and The Midnighter - someone got help to filter stuff right!]

Apollo an' his friend are havin' this anner-versary thing an' I'm gonna throw them a big, big party! Does anyone else wanna help? It's April 10th, so I hope we can have a party in this nice city with all the poky-mons.

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