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Son Goku • 孫悟空 ([personal profile] goldencirclet) wrote in [community profile] paradisa2012-04-21 05:42 pm
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eighteen meatbuns -written-

I made mor drawins!

this is the Midniter, Apollo, Mark, Nora, the Doktor an Geaffry!

An this is Xena, Konan, Nasuki, Peta an me!

[Switching to voice (thank god)]

Those round things girls got are real hard t'draw. T'Merciful Goddess had 'em too and ya could see them all t'time. Girls hide 'em here, but I think that's cuz t'Merciful Goddess is special.

I've made so many friends in t'castle! I was gonna draw all of 'em but I dunno what everyone looks like. I tried drawin' Pillow too, but... I think he ate it.

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