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Looks like it's that time of year again, huh? Time for everyone to be neck deep in babies!

Er... well,not really neck-deep, that would be pretty weird and maybe a little creepy. Anyway, the point I was getting at is that you all are in luck! Ace Babysitter Maya Fey is here to help you all! To start, I've wished up a ton of toys from the castle that kids are bound to love, and I'll be giving them away in the lobby, free of charge!

[and, just as promised, if you come down to the lobby you'll find Maya sitting in a chair next to a big lumpy bag full of toys ]

A lot of people here are really serious, so I figured you guys would need help finding fun things for your little tyke to play with.

[ooc: as always, feel free to bother in person or over the journal~]
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[Did a double-take after speed-reading the entry and seeing the end of the paragraph mentioning 'kids' and, 'I'll be giving them away in the lobby, free of charge!'

Needless to say, he read that over.]

I, too, have something that I am giving away...'free of charge'.
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By goodness, what sort of rapscallion am I? They already took her away...
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The last time she was seen with a man in ornate, white garb. He had long, black hair with hints of silver, silver eyes...and his was of an average stature, slightly shorter than I...
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He rode a way on a white horse, my dear. Unfortunately, I doubt we can catch him at this point...
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I am immensely worried. However, I can only hope that she is being well-cared for...

...but correct, you are. I should stop feeling sorry for myself and I should investigate the loss of my sweet, little Vidia. Will you help me, Maya?
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Perhaps she isn't as 'in need' as you may think, at the moment. Come along, now.
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I have my reasons. Now...

...I do believe they went this direction... [He honestly wasn't quite sure where the man took the kid other than that, so ...scavenger hunt!]