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[The journal is open in his hand, and of course it picks up the strangest part of the conversation at hand--]

--Doesn't this place care about any sort of natural order? Two men can't have a child, and if this is at all indicative of anything in the future, I would like to check myself into a mental asylum and also know what science has done.

[and then, a little sullenly;]

Rebecca's not even here to help babysit.
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Ah, I see you have been inducted into the 'Double Daddies Society'.
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Oh, from what I've seen, it isn't uncommon. I know of a fair number of fellows who are paired with other men.

[He'll just leave out the fact that most of these men tend to prefer...other men.]
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I'd think that it would be a bit more unnerving should you have been the only one.