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Four Truffula Trees

[The screaming of babies over the journals is a well known sound by now, and the screaming coming from this one is no different. Except that halfway through a particularly loud scream, someone has decided to start strumming a guitar. Which is soon joined by what might be called a lullaby, if the singer had no idea how to make babies go to sleep. Which is pretty much the case here]

♫ Hush little baby
Sleep time is now
Your diaper is empty
And you’ve drunk half a cow

It really would be lovely
If you’d rest your head
Or daddy's sleep deprivation
Will make him drop dead

You’ve been rocked, you’ve been cooed at
For five whole nights through
But your demanding cries keep coming
What more can we do?

So sleep, little baby
Just close your eyes
Whoever said this was easy
Was just telling lies ♪

[The crying stops...for about ten seconds, before it continues]

Okay wow, seriously. Where is your off switch?
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[personal profile] cantacquityou 2012-05-25 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
You have yourself a Classic in the making, my good man.
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[personal profile] cantacquityou 2012-05-25 06:22 pm (UTC)(link)
It'd fly off the shelves where I'm from, I'm sure.
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How adept are you at picking a tune out of that thing?
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Is that so? Have you ever entertained the idea of entertaining?
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...As with many of us who play instruments. I thought it would have been rather interesting to see an ensemble of resident musicians. [And what the Hell is a 'Thneed']
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I play a bit of flute, myself...

[Oh. It'll happen...eventually.]
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From context, I take it a 'Thneed' isn't a musical instrument...
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I am not sure I am following you, here.
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[No, he's not. Not yet. Go on. XD]
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...Can it defend you in court?